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What's on your mind?

I bet a lot! Anything new is a bit confusing at first but that’s where we can help…especially with this thing called assisted living. It’s me…Gayla D (click on my name and see me) and I meet with folks everyday and even though each situation is different…there is common ground as well, so let’s take a look at what all the hubbub is about…

I just feel plain guilty for leaving my mom or dad in an assisted living place.

Okay…this is a good one…great news is that it is not a nursing home, go figure! This is an exciting just plain fun place so come visit. In fact, I will let you come try it out for a day or a few days if you want to…FOR FREE! Did you see that…FOR FREE! You will be amazed when you do…I promise.

How long may someone live there…after all growing older brings other issues.

You know I went to the circus once and a little woman read my future and said I was going to marry a multimillionaire…she was wrong…instead I married Dave and he is sooooo much better! Moral of the story is I can’t predict the future, BUT, what I can tell you is that you will become part of our family and we will work together to keep our family in place as long as we are allowed to by using health related resources and organizations such as home health, hospice (not a bad thing) and others.

My parent(s) are not doing the best for themselves…

My parent(s) are not doing the best for themselves…in other words they are not eating right, taking their meds correctly, not active enough or too active and driving to Vegas at midnight…and they don’t want me making decisions for them…they’re tough!

I heard a saying once from a wise man (actually my boss…Terry) and he said “you may never outgrow your parents but you may need to become your parents, parents.” Short and sweet…tough love…and yes, although tough, it is the best thing you may do, as God says to “honor your father and mother”.

My parent(s) are forgetful…possibly a memory care place is needed.

Well possibly…but know that memory issues exist in most of us…after all what did you eat for lunch last Wednesday…hummmm…see what I mean. The deal is that with memory concerns the earlier one becomes associated with GoldenCrest the better as it allows them to establish familiarity thus avoiding confusion. Oh…and if a higher level of memory care is needed…we have that, too!

My folks are totally independent…can they live in assisted living…

Well yeah! We have folks that still drive…go out to eat…make lamps (check out the GMC)…and lots of other stuff…it’s like a resort around here but without the high price!

Hey! I didn't see my question!

Best news ever…CALL ME NOW!! I can help you and if I don’t know the answer I can find it!

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