Activities at Eagle's Landing

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Okay...let's cut to the chase...we are not your normal run of the mill, typical assisted living place...we are one big happy, fun loving, "crazy but fun to be around" family and we love to PLAY! So what do we do to occupy our time? Cause like mama always said, "an idle mind is the devil's workshop" so let's get busy!

Catch a trip to: eat out, see the leaves at fall time, see Christmas lights, go shopping or go to other interesting destinations. Stay home and enjoy: movie night, monthly dances, church service, Golden Girls Club, GoldenCrest Men's Club, listen to music, join in a singing, enjoy spring fling or October Fest, rock on the front porch, take a walk, enjoy the back garden patio, have homemade ice cream, have fresh watermelon, or just do what you want do. WHEWWWWWWWWWW!! There's all this and SO MUCH MORE!

Take a look at some of our fun!


GoldenCrest Men's Club (GMC)

You have Chevrolet, Ford and GMC...all run good and real fast but the GMC (GoldenCrest Men's Club), well that's the best! Complete with their own "Man Cave" and the coolest projects of all time, the GMC is on the go and ready for anything. This is just for the guys and man do we have a great time! Whether it's making some cool lamps (check out the pics) or bussin it to Waffle House on Wednesdays, this is the place for the men of this world to gather. So no matter if you are a preacher, barber, mechanic or bus driver, here's your "man card". Welcome to the Man Cave!

The Golden Girls

That's right's Thursday and it's a party just for us! The gals are moving foward and there's no slowing day, Fox Theater, Callaway Gardens and eating out! You just need to show up and let the fun take care of it' check out the pictures and come join the girls. After all, what happens at GoldenCrest stays at GoldenCrest. Welcome home girls it's a party!

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