Who We Are

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Introduction from Terry Carter, Owner

Mission Statement

It is our desire to deliver in a Christ-like manner the love, care, respect and kindness which each resident, family member, friend and guest who comes into contact with GoldenCrest deserves. Thus, as we touch the lives of others we will do so responsibly so as to always be a positive example of providing that which is right, just and honest. This is the mission guiding our journey.

Our Story

Sometimes folks just want to know the GoldenCrest story…well it’s not too complicated and it goes like this… My business partner is Bill Hodges, an all around great guy and quite frankly one of the greatest business minds on the planet, anyway…his family owned property in Morrow, Georgia. This is where Bill’s father raised a family while earning a living as a real estate attorney. So…over time this south Atlanta area contributed greatly to the Hodges and vice versa…in other words it was a good relationship. Being grateful for this relationship, Jake, that’s Bill’s father, just wanted to give something back to the community which he loved.

So years later, following Jake’s passing, Bill happened upon the concept of assisted living. Remembering his father’s dream he thought it was a perfect fit and given Bill’s role as President of Hodges, Ward, Elliott…the largest hotel/motel brokerage firm in the U.S., his hospitality experience would pay off…and that’s also where I enter the picture. My name is Terry Carter and I am the operations guy…Bill and I formed GoldenCrest Corporation in 1994 and now we have two locations just south of Atlanta.

Now, as you can imagine we are really proud that we could help satisfy Jake’s dream and do so by helping others…our places are special and unique if I do say so myself…not biased mind you just being honest…they are homey, warm and full of love! We are just one big family here…so check us out whether you want to live with us or just come for a visit…we look forward to meeting you so…Welcome Home!